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Did the FIA act unfairly in order to promote Ferrari? [Oct. 11th, 2006|11:59 am]
Formula One Conspiracies


Today's conspiracy then. Mid season Renault were running away with it. Then suddenly they ran into a load of penalties etc. By contrast, one might question why Ferrari have not been penalised for some of their actions / technologies.

Was the FIA up to anything not entirely straightforward?

Hell yeah! Clandestine meetings and used bank notes, the whole shebang!
Yes, they are the Ferrari-IA after all and are just personally biased.
Yes, they did it because Ferrari is a more marketable brand than Renault and F1 is a business.
Yes, but they did it for the good of the sport, it would have been boring if they hadn't.
No, they were being fair, Renault were cheating, Ferrari weren't.
Something else (explain with comment)